Bibliography of scholarly works

Published scholarly works with Tertullian’s name (or his writings by name) in the title.


This is a personal index, compiled over fifty years, with the ambitious purpose of finding and (subject to copyright) making copies of as many published works as possible with the name ‘Tertullian’ in the title. It includes titles which name his works without naming him as author.

Before such works became available on the Internet, this meant visiting libraries and ordering photocopies. The two libraries to which I had best access were in New College of the University of Edinburgh and the nearby Scottish National Library. Others regularly visited were the Bodleian Library in Oxford, the University of Cambridge Library and the British Museum. For that reason, only these five names are shown as ‘Available in’ on the printed sheets.

Articles in Encyclopaedia and Dictionaries (of which there are many) are not included, because Tertullian’s name does not appear in the title of the work as published. Responses to Internet searches for ‘Tertullian’ are included only if they identify a printed and published scholarly work.

The sheets are colour-coded

Works about Tertullian (the great majority) are white.

Works by Tertullian are green.

Cross-references are orange.

Occasional yellow sheets are for works with limited relevance to the project.

Works noted up to 2007 are written in red biro. Other interests then prevented my working on Tertullian for the next decade. Purely for my own guidance, work from then on is written in black biro, so that I know from which era information comes.

The sheets say, on the left, ‘From …… I have’. That should now read ‘I had’. When downsizing house in 2016, I offered the collection, through Roger Pearce’s website, The Tertullian Project, to anyone interested in it. The Librarian at the Union School of Theology at Bridgend, South Wales, hired a van and filled it with many hundreds of red folders. By coincidence, they are now stored alongside the library of works on Augustine collected by David Wright, who was the supervisor of my Doctoral Thesis.

Many bibliographies on Tertullian are available on many websites. As advancing years bring my own researches to a close, this index is added to them in the hope that it might be of some small use to those who, like me, have found reading the works of Tertullian, and scholarly comments on them, fascinating, challenging and rewarding.

Ian Balfour, June 2020